9th August 2020

Dear Parents / Carers,

We are busily preparing to welcome back our young people. We appreciate that this is a very anxious time for everyone and so we have tried to provide clear information below. Given our new and ever-changing circumstance’s, information and answers to your questions will be communicated as we have them.

The arrangements for the staggered start have been texted to every parent, these are;

Wednesday 12/08/20 S1, S5 & S6 only
Thursday 13/08/20 S1, S2, S3 & S4 only
Friday 13/08/20 All pupils return

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Aspect of school life
 Additional Information

Everyone Matters

We care at Liberton HS. We recognise that this has been an extremely difficult period for pupils, parents and staff, and that not everyone’s experience has been the same. It is understandable that some will feel anxious and apprehensive about a return but we will do everything we can to make you feel safe, supported and welcome.

Structure of the school day

The structure of the school day will remain largely unchanged, however we will be staggering  the start and finish times for year groups up until the September break.

•    S1, S2 – 8.30 and leave at 3.15

•    S3, S4, S5, S6 – 8.45 and leave at 3.30

This will be reviewed in line with CEC Guidance. KAT time will be dedicated to catching up with time missed from P1 or P6 lessons.

In the classroom

Learning at Liberton will be largely unchanged. We will continue to support and challenge every pupil in their learning (in every way we can). However, to keep everyone safe in class we will be doing a few things differently:

•    If a pupil or staff member chooses to wear a mask in class this will be permitted

•    Pupils must not share resources (if required teachers will carefully manage any equipment distributed to pupils). The school has purchased a large number of stationary packs that will be distributed when required – these will not be shared.

•    A 2 metre distance must be maintained at all times between adults and pupils

•    Pupils will be responsible for bringing and taking home their jotters?

School Uniform

Uniform remains an important part of the school. Pupils will be expected to wear full dress code. If there is anything we can help with please let us know

Items of clothes worn to school should be washed regularly.

Year Heads

As pupil numbers continue to grow, we have recruited a third Depute Head Teacher. Having three Deputes will allow us to move away from a Year Head to House Head system. It is thought that in doing so we can better support pupils and their families on the return to school. House Heads will work closely with the Guidance teacher and SfL team to meet all pupils academic and emotional needs.

Tay House Head – Mrs Hilary Marshall

Dee House Head – Mr Rob Greenaway

Forth House Head – Mrs Rachel Robertson

Behaviour support

Liberton is an inclusive school and will continue to meet the individual needs of all pupils. Parents and carers need to emphasise to their child that they must follow instructions at all times when at school as their behaviour and actions can have significant impact on the health and safety of the community. Any behaviours that impact on the health and wellbeing of the community will be taken very seriously.

Pupils out of class. (Including toilets)

The number of pupils allowed into the toilet areas at any one time will be limited and closely monitored.

Parent and adult access to school

To keep everyone safe, access to the building and school grounds will be strictly controlled. No parent or adult will be permitted onto the school grounds unless agreed with the school. This includes parental drop offs and walk in appointments. Where possible pupils should be encouraged to self travel.

Music Tuition

Instrumental staff will be updated over the In-Service days on how music lessons will be provided.  Updates will be provided to pupils when they return to school but there will be no lessons in the first week back.

Movement around the school

A one way system has been introduced in line with infection control guidance. This will be explained to pupils on the first day and must be adhered to. A diagram of the one way system is attached – it would be useful if pupils have a look at this in advance.

Breakfast club

Will continue to run as normal. Breakfast club is open to all pupils and can be accessed via the social area.

PE Kit

On the days when pupils are timetable for PE they should wear their PE kit to school. No changing facilities will be available. PE lessons will predominantly take place outdoors. In the event of bad weather pupils will be in a classroom.


Due to current restrictions, there will be no trips until further notice.


Due to current restrictions, there will be no assemblies until further notice.


Due to current restrictions, there will be no Extra-Curricular activities until further notice.


In the event a pupil becomes unwell during school day they should follow the normal procedures. The Welfare assistant will assess the pupil and isolate if necessary. *To keep everyone safe, parents should not send their child to school if they are ill, or presenting any COVID symptoms.

Interval and lunches

If you are in a position to do so please provide a packed lunch for your child. If absolutely necessary, a pupil can purchase a packed lunch in school but please be aware cash will not be accepted. For those entitled to a free school meal this will be provided by the school. Collection points will be created across the school for pupils to safely collect their lunches. S1 will not be permitted to leave the school grounds.


Edinburgh College are currently working to update pupils and schools about plans for college provision, including the School College Partnership arrangements.  It is anticipated this information will be available at the end of August at the earliest.

Kind regards,

Mr S. Kelly

Stephen Kelly
Twitter: @LibertonHighHT