Dear Parents / Carers,

First of all I would like to thank you and the whole community for showing remarkable resilience in coping with this global pandemic.  The vast majority of our young people are following the guidance in place to ensure the safety of everyone in our building.  We are currently working hard to ensure that school life and the education of our young people continues as normally as we can make it under the circumstances.  In addition to this we are preparing our digital learning resources to support learners who may need to self-isolate and to ensure that we are prepared for either partial or full lockdown.

As you will know, there will be no National 5 exams this year.  There remains uncertainty around the specific procedures (for each subject) to gather robust evidence that will inform estimates for the SQA for National 5.  Once this is in place we will communicate this in detail to all of the young people and their families taking National 5 courses.  There will be an exam diet for Higher and Advanced Higher.

Edinburgh goes into Framework Level 3 as of Monday 02 November 2020 and in the updated guidance there are additional protective measures for schools. The main points are;

  • Staff and pupils in S4-S6 should wear face coverings in classrooms.  This will apply to all unless pupils have an exemption card.
  • Parents should discuss with their GP whether children with the highest clinical risk should attend school.
  • Finally, face coverings should be worn by parents when they enter the school grounds.  Parents should not come into the school grounds either on foot or in a car unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you have any questions about these arrangements please do not hesitate to contact the school.  Together we can ensure that we will remain open and continue to provide for our community.

New High School for Liberton. 

Please find below a briefing document on the progress of building a new high school following the delay caused by the Corona virus. The plan also includes a proposal to share the new campus with a new Gaelic High school.

Liberton Wave 4 Update – November 2020

If you have any comments on the plan or the proposal to share a campus with a new  Gaelic secondary school please email

Kind regards,

Mr S. Kelly

Stephen Kelly
Twitter: @LibertonHighHT