This page has been created for parents to help them support their child with remote learning. There are four documents that may be of interest. A short description of what is in each document and how it can be used is detailed below, (the links are blue). 

Have you received a Partial or Non-Engagement text?   If you have received a text about your child’s partial or non-engagement the first thing we would encourage you to do is speak to your child. You should check that they have completed all tasks and activities for all subjects that week. Weekly tasks are posted in the General section of each class Team . Work posted here is essential to support progress in the subject and is a key measure we use to determine a pupil’s engagement. Please discuss this work with your child and encourage them to complete and return all work. It is also important to encourage your child to ask their teachers questions if they are unsure of how to complete any work set (this can easily be done through MS Teams or during live lessons). If following the conversation things are still unclear or there are issues you would like to discuss with the school please complete the form below. Responses submitted via the form are regularly reviewed and this is the fastest way to receive a response. Once you have completed the form a Guidance Teacher or Depute Head Teacher will get back to you as soon as they can.

Link to Engagement Text Messages Form

A guide to pupil engagement can be found here:

Pupil Engagement Guide for Parents and Carers

What has been done with the parental feedback on remote learning?   We recently asked parents to complete a parental questionnaire on remote learning. We have summarised key points raised and included our response in the document below. This also works as an FAQ’s document

You said, we Did

We are struggling to find things on the pupils MS Teams   To help parents and pupils we have tried to make our use of MS Teams consistent across subjects and classes. The document below details how we will set up our MS Teams at Liberton High School to make things easier:

Microsoft Teams Information

This short video is also really useful as it describes many of MS Teams basic functions

What does Liberton High School’s remote learning look like and what can we expect?   The guide below is designed to help pupils and families engage with our remote offer. It outlines what learning will look like and what you can expect from the school during the period of home learning. This includes details on: Guiding principles; Live Lessons; Online Safety; Issues with devices or electronic resources