Introduction to Skills Development Scotland (SDS) for parents and carers of S1 pupils-  Wednesday 29 September 2021

Want to know more about SDS career information, advice and guidance support for your young person throughout their time at school? Join our careers advisers Lesley and Gordon to hear about SDS, the role of SDS careers advisers in schools and information to support career planning.  The online session will also introduce our careers web service My World of Work, which has a dedicated area for parents and carers.

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August 2021


Dear Parent/Carer




Many of our pupils have part time jobs in retail, office work or other areas of employment.  A bylaw passed by the City of Edinburgh Council requires pupils under the age of 16 to have a part time Employment Permit.  This is to ensure that the young person’s employment is not having a disadvantageous effect on their education, health or welfare.


We are concerned that many pupils may not have been issued with the application forms for this permit.  We would be grateful if all parents/carers who have children who have part time jobs, could obtain these forms from their employment, complete the relevant sections, and bring them into school when the session resumes.  This will allow the school to monitor and issue the Employment Permits.


I look forward to your assistance in this matter.


Yours sincerely








An important aspect of our School Improvement Plan is to further develop a variety of pathways towards a positive destination post-school (eg employment, training, Further Education, Higher Education) and to focus on the Career Education Standard and career management skills that are necessary for young people to achieve this.


The following list of online resources is aimed at supporting parents/carers in learning more about this area of work in schools and the wider community.  If you would like help to access any of these resources or to understand the information there, please do not hesitate to contact your son/daughter’s Support for Pupils Leader (Guidance teacher).


My World of Work (MWOW):


Skills Development Scotland (SDS):


The National Parent Forum for Scotland:


We are working to ensure that all of our young people S1-6 know how to access the MWOW resources for pupils.  Our SDS Careers Advisor, Katie McKenzie, is present at Parents’ Information Evenings throughout the year (based in the school library) and parents/carers are welcome to make an appointment with her.  We also work with third sector partners such as LEAPS and Cyrenians to support the work of staff in school in securing positive destinations for young people when they reach school leaving age.


We are particularly keen to engage parents in conversation about alternative routes into employment (eg Foundation Apprenticeships through a School-College Partnership) that perhaps challenge a more traditional view of pathways through the senior phase curriculum in school and look forward to discussing this with you at parents’ evenings later this year.


In the meantime, if you would like to know more about any aspect of employability and positive destinations, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Marshall (Depute Head Teacher).



Scottish Government have provided web links to explanatory materials for employers, which young people could include in their CVs or Job Applications. This should allow employers to consider applications in context and with understanding.  The following could be cut and pasted into electronic applications (and paper copies could be included with paper applications.)

For information on the National Qualifications, and how they compare with each other and over time, please follow these web links to a summary table from SCQF or a short leaflet for employers from SQA.