S4-6 Psychology

Staff – Mrs Regnart

  • Psychology allows pupils to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work whilst experiencing challenge and success.
  • National 5 Psychology in S4 provides a strong platform for later learning and for successful transition to Higher Psychology for all pupils.

Pupils will experience a wide range of activities throughout the course and will focus on the following 3 key aspects:

1. Individual Behaviour: At N5 this unit looks at two topics – Sleep and Dreams and Self Concept. We will be asking questions like ‘what are the five stages of sleep and why do we dream? In self-concept we will be looking at our ideal self and asking: ‘what affects our self-image, self-esteem and resilience?’. We will examine these questions in relation to the psychoanalytic and biological approaches. At Higher we look at Sleep and Dreams and Memory.

2. Research: Pupils will be learning about experiments, surveys, observations and case studies. The practical research investigation is worth around a third of the overall grade and sent off to SQA for marking. The behaviour investigated will be chosen by pupils from a range of choices. This will develop research skills for higher education and the workplace, and help those who get anxious about exams to feel more confident, knowing they have already achieved a third of the course.

3. Social Behaviour: At National 5 this unit looks at two topics – Conformity and Non-verbal communication. We will explore the ways in which we copy the behaviour of others, and how our genes and culture shape our body language. At Higher this unit covers Conformity and Obedience and Abnormal behaviour.

Throughout each aspect pupils will evaluate performance, identify development needs, plan and implement a programme of work for improvement.

Progression Pathways in Psychology

Subjects such as National 4 English, Geography, History and Modern Studies offer numerous progression pathways into the senior phase. Most pupils would follow a pathway which would allow them to pursue National 5 Psychology in S4 and Higher Psychology in S5 or S6; however there are several flexible routes to cater for all learners.

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