S3 Media

In the S3 Media course, pupils will learn how to analyse Media texts such as feature films, trailers, adverts and documentaries. They will also learn how to work collaboratively as part of a team to produce their own Media texts. The course will allow them to develop Experiences and Outcomes across a range of curricular areas with a particular emphasis on Literacy.

Pupils will experience a range of analytical and practical activities throughout the course. The pupils will learn about:

  • The key aspects of media literacy
  • How to analyse Media texts, contexts and the role of the Media
  • How to create Media texts
  • How to work effectively as part of a team

Pupils will then be fully prepared for the transition to the senior phase.

Progression Pathways in Media

S3 Media allows pupils to follow a progression pathway which would allow them to pursue National 4 or National 5 Media in S4, leading to National 5 or Higher Media in S5. S3 Media also offers pupils a firm foundation for their understanding of Media texts which will enhance their learning within this aspect of the National 4 or National 5 English courses.

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