S3 Modern Languages

Pupils will continue to enrich their learning of French and Spanish within their Broad General Education. They will cover Experiences and Outcomes at Fourth Level, in French Third Level Outcomes in Spanish, which will provide them with clear progression from S1 and S2. Throughout the year, pupils will demonstrate their depth of learning and will become adept at evaluating their own work and planning next steps. They will work alone, in pairs and collaboratively to further develop higher order thinking skills to prepare them for life-long learning and the world of work beyond the classroom.

Topics covered will be linked closely to Society and Employability (especially the business world), Culture and Learning. This will ensure pupils are fully prepared for the Senior Phase. As well as continuing their experiences of French Language and Culture beyond France and Europe, pupils will have the opportunity to change their language learning to Spanish. This new opportunity allows them to use the skills they have developed in language acquisition and to profit from the chance to extend and vary their language learning.

Progression Pathways in Modern Languages

In S4, most pupils will sit National 5 or some of them may do National 4 in French or Spanish. Pupils will be required to demonstrate their ability in Understanding Language (reading and listening skills) and in Using Language (talking and writing skills).

Pupils have the option of doing the Higher course in S5 or, where possible, further developing the language of their choice.

S3 Modern Languages