S3 Computing Science

The S3 Computing Science course allows pupils to build on their success and achievements from S1 and S2 and to cover experiences and outcomes at Level 3 and 4. Learners will focus on software design and development, many with the aim of becoming computing professionals in the future. However, there will also be an opportunity to develop core skills for learning, life and work through:

  • Numeracy – number processes, information handling
  • Employability, enterprise and citizenship – ICT
  • Thinking skills – applying, analysing, evaluating and creating

The S3 Computing course will allow pupils to:

  • Develop games using Scratch and LiveCode
  • Develop multimedia animations
  • Design and build websites with multimedia content
  • Research and report on the use of emerging technologies in the workplace
  • Learn how to protect a range of modern computing devices

Progression pathways in Computing Science

Most pupils will follow a pathway which would allow them to pursue National 5 Computing Science in S4 and Higher in S5. However, there are flexible routes to the senior phase to cater for all learners

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