S3 Business Education
(Administration; Business Management; Accounting)

The S3 Business Education courses majoring in Administration, Business Management or Accounting have been designed to allow for progression from S2, covering Level 3 and 4 experiences and outcomes. The courses will help to develop transferable skills in ICT for life, learning and work.

The Administration course focuses on practical IT and administrative skills in a working environment.

Accounting and Finance looks at the communication and presentation of financial information for the modern business world.

Business Management prepares learners to succeed in industry and commerce by developing skills to communicate and present business-related information.

Progression pathways in Business Education

In S3, learners will continue with their broad general education in Technologies, but will be able to choose the area/s of Business Education that most interests them. Although ‘majoring’ in any of these areas in S3 will not tie pupils in to course choices in S4, they may be disadvantaged if they switch between progression pathways at the end of S3.

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