S3 Social Studies (Modern Studies)

Staff – Mrs Ellis

What will pupils study?

The S3 Modern Studies elective allows pupils to cover level 3/4 Experiences and Outcomes in greater depth. The focus of Modern Studies is on people and the way they interact. The course focuses on the world locally, nationally and internationally. Pupils will develop a greater understanding of society by examining how it changes, how it is run and what can influence it.

The course is based around 3 issues:
• Social issues – covering topics such as human rights and crime.
• International issues – including world issues such as terrorism and world powers such as China
• Political issues – this covers topics such as elections and the political process and the role of the media in influencing decision-making.

What will pupils learn?

The course combines two elements: Knowledge which is based on what they know and Skills which are source based and test their skills of enquiry.

Pupils will learn how to:
• Apply their knowledge and show their understanding by describing and explaining contemporary political and social issues in local, Scottish, United Kingdom and international contexts
• Use a limited range of sources of information to detect and explain bias and exaggeration, give straightforward justifications for decisions made, and give straightforward support for valid conclusions drawn
• Research information and analyse issues; write extended answers and give presentations; discuss, debate and listen to different points of view

The National 4/5 and Higher Modern Studies courses involve the same 3 units but are taught using different contexts. These certificated courses also involve an added value project or written assignment.


Progression Pathways in Modern Studies

Modern Studies Pathway