S3 Social Studies (History)

Staff – Mrs S Ellis and Mrs M Wilson

  • The S3 History elective allows pupils to cover Level 4 Experiences and Outcomes in greater depth. The aim of this course is to open up a window into the past that provides an understanding of both the present day and how individuals, nations and the world community might develop in the future.
  •  The focus of the 3rd year course is the history of the 20th century. Pupils will study some of the key events in Europe, including the First World War, the Second World War and the Cold War. Pupils will complete a piece of personal research within one of the topics.

What will pupils learn?

The course combines two elements: Knowledge which is based on what they know and Skills which are source based and test their analytical skills.

Pupils will learn how to:

  • apply their knowledge and show their understanding by describing, explaining and assessing the importance of historical events and developments
  • evaluate sources, compare sources, set sources in context, select and organise information from sources, and present conclusions to particular issues
  • research information and analyse issues; write essays and give presentations; discuss, debate and listen to different points of view

Progression Pathways in History

The S3 History elective offers numerous progression pathways into the senior phase. Most pupils would follow a pathway which would allow them to pursue National History in S4 and progress to National 5 or Higher History in S5; however there are several flexible routes to cater for all learners.

History Pathway
These courses are structured around 3 units, with one context being studied from each of:
• Scottish History
• British History
• European & World History