S3 Social Studies Geography

Mr N Valentine

What will pupils study?
The S3 Geography elective allows pupils to cover Level 3/4 Experiences and Outcomes in greater depth. The course covers a range of places, environments and societies. It looks at many of the major Global Issues in the world today.

The course is split into 3 units.

1) Global Issues: Covering topics such as Antarctica Adventures, USA Water Use and Abuse, Rainforest Webquest, Health and Wealth

2) Physical Geography: Source to Mouth (Rivers), Exploring National Parks

3) Human Geography : World Through a Lens (a comparison of the UK and a developing country)

What will pupils learn?
The course combines two elements: Knowledge which is based on building an understanding of our sense of place and the world around us, and Geographical Skills and Techniques which includes interpreting and evaluation skills.

Pupils will learn how to:

• Apply knowledge in order to show an understanding of the topics covered, e.g. how river features change from source to mouth and the processes involved in their formation
• Compare sources, select and organise information from sources and present a conclusion to a particular issue e.g. should a new tourist hotel be built in the Amazon?
• Research information and analyse issues, give presentation, discuss and listen to points of view. Pupils will also complete a Dynamic Youth Award Challenge activity

The National 4/5 and Higher Geography courses involve the same 3 units, Global Issues, Human Geography and Physical Geography but are taught using different contexts. These certificated courses also involve a practical fieldwork investigation involving Outdoor Learning.

Geography Pathway