S3 Music

The S3 Music elective allows pupils to cover level 4 experiences and outcomes in greater depth, building upon their music education in S1/2. It allows pupils to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work whilst experiencing challenge and success. Music in S3 also provides a strong platform for later learning and for successful transition to qualifications at the right level for all pupils.

Pupils will experience a wide range of activities throughout the course and will focus on the following 3 key aspects of music:

1. Performing: Pupils will choose 2 instruments that they wish to play. Pupils will receive one period a week dedicated to performing. In addition to this there will also be extended performance time (9 consecutive lessons) which will result in pupil performance classes (pupils perform to each other)
2. Creating Music: In this unit pupils will experiment with and use a variety of methods/techniques in imaginative ways to create their own music using traditional and non traditional instruments as well as computers and iPads. Learners will reflect on their own creative choices and decisions, and develop a basic understanding of how composers develop their ideas and create their music
3. Understanding Music: Through listening and discussion, learners will develop knowledge and understanding of a variety of music. They will identify the distinguishing features of specific music styles, recognise music concepts in excerpts of music, and understand and recognise common music signs and symbols used in music notation

Throughout each aspect pupils will evaluate performance, Identify development needs, plan and implement a programme of work for improvement. Pupils will then be fully prepared for the transition to the senior phase.

Progression Pathways in Music

The S3 music elective offers numerous progression pathways into the senior phase. Most pupils would follow a pathway which would allow them to pursue National 5 Music (Performing or Technology) in S4 and Higher Music in S5; however there are several flexible routes to cater for all learners.

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