S3 Mathematics

The S3 Mathematics course will allow pupils to build on their mathematical experiences and achievements from S1 and S2. To determine at which level a pupil will work, we will look closely at how well he/she has performed in S1/2 assessments and pupils will either continue with Level 3 or Level 4 experiences and outcomes. During their progress through the course they will be able to change levels if we feel this is the right path.
The mathematics experiences and outcomes cover three main areas of mathematics:

  • Number, money and measure
  • Shape, position and movement
  • Information handling

Pupils will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and build on their existing skills in these three areas. Development of appropriate algebraic skills will be important and some pupils will meet trigonometry for the first time.

Pupils will be given regular opportunities to reflect on their progress and identify their next steps in learning. Pupils will then be fully prepared for the transition to the senior phase.

Progression Pathways in Mathematics

The S3 maths courses will offer numerous progression pathways into the senior phase. Pupils will follow a pathway which will allow them to pursue either National 4 or 5 maths in S4 with a small number of pupils working towards National 3. This will then give all pupils several options to pursue when they continue in S5 and S6.

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